You already offer your customers one of the best protected out-of-the-box residential HVAC products, so what could make it better? Introducing Allied Air’snew HVAC system protection program SystemShield, taking your equipment sales on a good product to a whole new level.


  • 1. Become an Allied/Concord dealer.

  • 2.Offer warranty and labor assurance package that best suits your customer’s needs.

  • 3.Register the equipment on the Allied Installer Portal. Must be AHRI matched system.

  • 4.Inform customer that equipment must be serviced annually to maintain warranty.

Residential: Single-Family
2 Year Labor
+ 10 Year Parts
Standard with BMB Enterprises
5 Year Labor
+ 10 Year Parts
10 Year Labor
+ 10 Year Parts
2 Year Labor
+ 12 Year Parts
10 Year Labor
+ 12 Year Parts
Residential: Multifamily
1 Year Labor
+ 10 Year Parts
Residential: Replacement & New Construction Single Family
DescriptionDealer Reimbursement
Rates: USD
Major Electrical / Mechanical
Components Covered: Blower motors, Condenser fan motors, Gas valves, PCB boards, Comfort Sync® Thermostat
Minor Refrigerant / Minor Mechanical
Components Covered: Indoor metering devices,
Blower wheels, Heat exchanger collector boxes, Gas
manifolds, Refrigerant leaks at joints, Indoor coils
Major Refrigerant / Major Mechanical
Components Covered: Compressor, Outdoor coil, Reversing valve, Outdoor TXV, Heat exchanger
Residential: Multifamily
Electrical Component$75
Motor (Indoor / Outdoor)$100
Compressor / Outdoor Refrigerant$300
Indoor Coil / Inoor Refrigerant$150
Heat Exchanger$300

When you consider everything Concord offers, your decision is no decision at all. Concord. It’s the right choice. Right now.