Concord Overview

Allied Air Industries, manufacturer of the Concord®  brand, produces long-lasting, affordable heating and cooling products in a state-of-the-art facility located in South Carolina. Only proven materials are used for every furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, and air handler built. Before leaving the factory, each unit is thoroughly inspected and run-tested to deliver consistent performance for many years to come.

The Concord®  brand has been around since 1970. Concord®, unlike other widely known brands, does not advertise its product like other companies. With popular name brand HVAC systems, the consumer bears the cost of large advertising campaigns. By using grassroots marketing through our dealers, we are able to offer the same quality equipment at a lower cost.

BMB Enterprises’ commitment to quality includes the dealers we choose to partner with. Only Concord®  dealers are trained to sell and properly install our equipment. These trusted partners have proven that they can provide the exceptional service and value our customers deserve.

As the owner of a Concord® system or unit, you can relax knowing your equipment is built for lasting performance, and that it’s backed by strong warranties and support.

Every Concord® air conditioner is built to offer quick relief from hot weather while delivering year-round energy savings. Making the right choice for your home now means considering the efficiency rating of the unit, and whether it has one or two stages of operation.

A Concord® heat pump is a unit that can both cool and heat your home, making it a good investment every day of the year. Heat pumps can be paired with a gas furnace so efficiency is maximized between the two fuel types. Making the right choice for your home means considering the efficiency rating of the unit.

A packaged unit is an all-in-one heating and cooling solution that installs outside, with no indoor unit required, making it the perfect option if your house has limited space. Rest assured, every component of every Concord®  unit is packaged for dependable and efficient operation.

Concord®  knows that quality and value go hand in hand. So you’ll get plenty of both with a Concord air handler. Although each model may look the same on the outside, they can vary in power.

Designed to operate with minimal noise and blend in with your home environment, Concord mini-split systems are the right choice to make any room feel just right.


We committed to providing outstanding heating and cooling value for the home. All our products are designed, assembled, and tested to ensure the highest quality, efficiency, and dependability.

When you consider everything Concord offers, your decision is no decision at all. Concord. It’s the right choice. Right now.