Package Units

A packaged unit is an all-in-one heating and cooling solution that installs outside, with no indoor unit required, making it the perfect option if your house has limited space. Rest assured, every component of every Concord® unit is packaged for dependable and efficient operation.


Keeping you comfortable every day of the year.

The electric air conditioner is ideal if you have all-electric heating and cooling in your home. If you live in an area that experiences consistently mild temperatures, the heat pump is a perfect solution for both heating and cooling. Both units are ruggedly designed and can withstand every kind of weather, providing dependable and efficient operation season after season.

This packaged unit keeps you comfortable every day of the year, starting today.

  • An all-electric, compact unit for dependable operation
  • 14 SEER rating means you can save on utility bills, compared to an older or less efficient unit
  • Constant Torque blower motor helps reduce utility bills and provide a steady flow of air
  • The heavy-duty, single-stage compressor is built tough for years of reliable, trouble-free performance
  • Welded wire guard protects components, which means less maintenance down the road
  • Sound-insulating cabinet reduces operating noise so your home environment stays peaceful
  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and parts means lasting peace of mind*
*Applies to residential applications only

When you consider everything Concord offers, your decision is no decision at all. Concord. It’s the right choice. Right now.