Customer Service

Curtis Humphrey

Curtis Humphrey
Chief Financial Officer

Curtis has over 40 years in the H.V.A.C industry and previously managed a fortune 500 H.V.A.C company branch successfully for over 25 years. Curtis’s previous sales office was among the elite receiving sales quota busters to the tune of national recognition yearly.

Cathy Humphrey

Cathy Humphrey

Cathy presides over the accounts payable and accounts receivable day to day duties.  Cathy has over 25 years in the accounting field.

Mitch Morris

Mitchell M. Morris
Executive V.P.

Mitch is one of the original four partners of the business and oversees all facility operations and maintains the HVAC supplies inventory.

Kathy (K.T.) Trevino
Inside Sales

Kathy has been with BMB since October 2008. Kathy has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with every kind of filtration product. Kathy can find the right product to handle any of your filtration needs.


Lewis Hardenbrock

Lewis Hardenbrook

Lewis is the warehouse manager and he has been with us since 2008. Lewis is responsible for all incoming and outgoing shipments as well as insuring our customers have a pleasant experience when receiving their goods whether it be at our location or theirs. Please contact Lewis and let us know how we are doing in this area.




Michael Crews

Michael Crews

Michael has been with BMB since its start in June 2006. Mike started as the warehouse manager and his experience with handling the supplies and his prior background in the shipping industry have combined to make him a top customer service professional in the HVAC equipment and supply distribution industry.

Adam Wade

Adam is in the AP/AR department, and he deals with daily business operations of BMB.  Adam has recently obtained a Bachelors degree in business administration from FSCJ.